Packages Starting at $149 a Month

Social Media

Today, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites are some of the most visited websites globally. So, not having and maintaining a presence on these sites is not an option for your practice. But, if you're like most practice's creating content and posting it is a daunting task.

Let Elite Digital Media take the burden of keeping your Facebook and other social media up-to-date with relevant posts for your practice. So you can focus on other things that matter, all at a price that won't break the bank.


Packages Starting at $197 a Month

Text & Email Marketing

Generating additional revenue from text and email marketing is ten times easier than any other form of marketing. If that is the case, why do most business's neglect their in-house text and email list of their customers?

Elite Digital Media can help you set up turn-key systems to build your texting and email list from potential new customers and help you reactivate your current customers to drive more revenue into your business. Contact us today!


Packages Starting at $149 a Month

Reputation and Reviews

When looking for a service or a product to buy, I'm pretty sure you have asked family and friends if there is someone they could recommend. And, when you could not get a personal recommendation, you looked at online reviews to help you make a buying decision.

It is no different for your potential patients. Having a systemic way to build 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and other online websites is critically important.

Elite Digital Media can set you up with a turn-key system to gather positive reviews and funnel negative feedback directly back to you.


Packages Starting at $397 a Month

Digital Display Advertisement

Do not make the mistake of totally focusing your marketing on just the 1% to 3% of folks who are "In-Market" for your services. Building your brand, trust, and credibility with the other 97% is equally essential, if not more critical, for your business's long-term stability.

We have several programs to help you build your brand and expose your business to tens of thousands of folks in your local market at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertisement.

Let Elite Digital Media help you dominate your local market with digital display advertisement.


Starting at $149 a Month + One Design Fee

Website Design

Your business's website is the centerpiece of your online presence. It MUST look good and easy to navigate on both computers and mobile phones.

There are hundreds of online content management systems (CMS) on the market today that make it easier than ever to build and launch your website.

Let Elite Digital Media help you choose the right CMS solution to build your website that meets your budget and needs.


Starting at $297 One Time Investment

Social Media Makeover

Your online presence starts with having a website but doesn't stop there. Along with having a website that highlights your business and gives folks a way to contact you, having your social media presence optimized is just as equally important.

If you are looking to give your business's brand a professional look across your social media, let Elite Digital Media help.


When you bundle your services with us, you will SAVE Big Money!